Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in China passed just like any other day. No deep-fried turkey, stuffing, or pumpkin pie. No Black Friday to look forward to. And worst of all, no family gathering at home.

Lately the homesickness has been sitting on the back burner, but today it flared back up. I was really bummed out throughout most of today. I've known all week that Thanksgiving was coming up, but I wasn't sure how I would handle it. At first I held it all in, but I ended up breaking down and crying eventually. In the privacy of a bathroom stall, I cried my eyes out as I flipped through family/friend photos loaded on my iPod. And afterwards I felt so much better. Crying really is so theraputic. It's been months since I've felt that homesick.

Anyway, I want to make a special post today. The following was originally written around the end of September. At the time, I had some reservations about posting this entry.  But since today is Thanksgiving, I figure now's as good a time as any:

"Have you talked to your mother yet?"

That's the first thing my dad asks me. (I was talking to him on Skype during my lunch break.) I immediately think to myself, "Ugh, what did I forget to do this time?"

He tells me that my brother had a serious automobile accident. He fell asleep at the wheel. The car rolled five times. It was completely totaled.

My brother walked away from it. No concussion. Only one cut on his head. He didn't even need stitches for it. He's lucky to be alive.

It took awhile for the gravity of the situation to sink in. When it finally did, I was actually pretty shook up; I couldn't stop crying. It was the first time I've ever had "tears of joy." I've experienced tears of grief, brokenhearted tears, and homesick tears, but never "tears of joy."

It's events like this that make you count your blessings. It's the type of sobering experience that puts everything in perspective. Suddenly, all the crap I've been dealing with in China didn't seem that problematic anymore. Homesickness? I'm just happy to have friends and family to come home to.

So everyone, please take care of yourself. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to deal with losing another close friend or family member. (I still haven't forgot about Scott or my grandfathers.)

On a more lighthearted note, my brother had my Nikon D700 and 14-24mm f/2.8 lens with him in the car during the accident. One of the first things he did was check if my camera was okay. (It was fine.) As my friend said, "You've got to admit that's cute." It's touching. Now I have another thing to be thankful for!

Monday, November 24, 2008

WOW! Talk about an anti-climatic day. No one showed up, so there was no presentation. To quoteth David Letterman, "I feel like an ugly date."

Tomorrow there's supposedly another presentation, if time permits. Let's see if I go 0/2. I'm just hoping that all my preparation isn't for nothing.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sorry for the complete lack of posts these last couple of days. I've been extremely busy with work these last couple of days. In fact, I had to work on Saturday! (I was one of only three people working in the entire building.) I've been asked to give some presentations this Monday and Tuesday. But these aren't your normal presentations; as one of my friends said, this could possibly be the greatest 30 minutes of my young career.

On tomorrow's agenda, I'm leading factory tour. Oh and did I mention that some big senior vice presidents from Nokia will be in attendance? They're are flying from Finland. Accompanying them are some pretty high upper management guys from Foxconn as well. This includes Mr. $5.5B himself: Terry Gou , the CEO.

And on Tuesday, I have another important presentation for Nokia. We're trying to get the deal to produce a new product. The head of this team from Nokia will be coming out to survey the facilities. As the person with the best English skills, guess who got the job? The craziest thing about all this is that I just found out about this project last week.

I'll have more dish tomorrow. (Do you think I should ask for an autograph? Or is that tacky?)