Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And so the search for my next assignment has officially kicked off. In the last two days, I've interviewed with two new groups. I'm really surprised by how quickly things are moving along.

For the first interview I got a call at 6:00 P.M. asking if I could interview that night. Talk about being hot to trot. I wasn't able to interview until 7:30 P.M., but they were willing to wait! And if that wasn't crazy enough, the entire interview was conducted in Mandarin. Granted he only asked me a few, simple questions (like "Tell me about yourself." and "Where are you from?"), but still it was pretty unreal. This group, which I'll call Group A, manufactures cases/enclosures for a major desktop and laptop computer company.

This morning I had an interview with one of the customer account manager located in the US from Group B. We chatted in Chinese for a few minutes before he learned about my background. When he learned that I'd been in China for 9 months and my parents never taught me how to speak Mandarin, he just laughed. And then he said, "You know we can just continue the interview speaking English, right?" Anyway, this group manufactures PCB and interconnectors for all of the major mobile phone suppliers.

I'm probably still have another round of interviews before actually getting selected by either of these groups though. I'm just hoping someone hires me before I head back to the US. It would be nice to have a job to come back to.

On an unrelated note, my supervisor wants me to stay in China until April 30th. So I guess I won't be back in the US until mid May. Again, still subject to final approval, etc.


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