Saturday, January 24, 2009

Geez, I almost donked it again today.  This was my planned schedule:

6:00 Leave for Airport
6:30 Arrive at Airport
7:40 Plane Boarding Starts
8:10 Flight Departs

Sounds good right?  Well I forgot to set my alarm this morning.  I went to bed at 2 AM and my brain had stopped working.  I got a phone call this morning at 6:00 AM.  Groggily, I rolled over and reached for my cell phone.  Mashing buttons, I tried to turn it off...until I realized it was my room phone.  I hurried down the stairs (there's a lofted bed at my dormitory) and found the phone.

I thought to myself, "Who the hell would be calling me?  Man, I hope it's not 6 AM right now."

I pick up the phone:  "Your shuttle is waiting for you."

"OH, I'll be right down."

I threw all my crap into my suitcase and headed out the door.

Thankfully everything is okay and I made it to the airport with time to spare.

It's kind of crazy that I'll be in Korea in about two and half hours.  How exciting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Note: This note was meant to be published while I was in Taiwan last week. I would have posted it, but I had problems getting the video to upload. Anyway, I'm now in Korea and the uploading works. So here's a post I wrote last week about my dorm. (I'll have more posts on Korea soon!):

Ah, so I caught my flight this time. I guess the second time is the charm. I'm actually surpised I was able to make my way from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to my dormitory. It took two bus rides, a ride on the MTR subway, and a taxi cab ride, but I made it on my own (without having to use any English!)

Anyway, they put me in a new dormitory here in Taiwan. Sadly, it's not nearly as nice as the old place. In fact, it's pretty much inferior in every possible way:

Use of laundry machines is no longer free (and they don't provide detergent).
There's no convience store built into the dormitory.
I have to wake up earlier to take a shuttle to work (as opposed to walking to the building over)
The closest MRT subway stop is now 15-20 minutes away.

As for the actual room itself, it's about the same size, maybe a little bit smaller. I hate sleeping on just a mat though. I miss a real bed. I'd even take a hard Asian bed over sleeping on a mat on the floor. Anyway, prepare for another video tour of my place:

The one big plus is that I have completely unrestricted internet! Thank goodness, I'd probably go psycho if I had to deal with that again.