Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So in case you were wondering. I'm still alive and I'm doing fine. Shortly after arriving here, I pretty much completely stopped writing these blogs. It's been getting harder and harder to find time to actually write because:

1) I'm working ~65 hour weeks. (Six days a week X 10~12 hours a day). It's not fun. Trust me.

2) I'm working out 4 days a week. So after a long day of work, I get home and head straight for the gym. I'm determined to not come back to the US fatter than when I left.

3) I'm still going out every weekend, but now Hong Kong and downtown Shenzhen are an extra hour away. Making the trip is just exhausting, but I refuse to hang around my Dongguan all weekend. Ugh.

So basically I'm having trouble keeping up. You just keep putting it off and it never happens.

In any case, I've got about 2.5 weeks before I come back to the US. Yay!